Alert issued at 09/01/2022 10:07:40 AM EDT.

Start of Fall Semester 2022

MSU Community,

As part of our continuing efforts to improve safety on campus, we test our various notification methods at the start of each semester to demonstrate how you can receive information during a threat or emergency. These urgent messages ask people to take specific actions for their own safety and provide critical information.

One of the features of this system is that it will ask you to acknowledge or reply to confirm that you received the message. This will allow us to verify receipt of the information in our system. Once you confirm receiving the message, the system is designed to discontinue other attempts to contact you.

As an affiliate of Michigan State University, you are automatically added as a recipient of the message system. We ask that you take a moment to log into the MSU Alert portal at to update your contact information, so you receive MSU Alert messages in the way most efficient for you. In addition, you can select the campus area that you prefer to receive information about, East Lansing, Grand Rapids, or Flint. You can select more than one campus location. If you do not select a campus location, you will receive all messages that are sent.

For information on the institution’s emergency response and evacuation procedures, visit

For emergency guidelines, visit

If you have any questions about the MSU Alert system, please visit for information and to submit requests for support.