Alert issued at 08/24/2023 10:42:05 PM EDT.

UPDATE! The Severe Weather Warning for the Flint location of Michigan State University has expired. Please continue to exercise caution when traveling. Do not drive or walk through flooded areas. This is the last update for this incident.

Alert issued at 08/24/2023 10:05:55 PM EDT.

UPDATE! Severe storm warning has expired for the East Lansing and Grand Rapids locations of Michigan State University. Please continue to use caution when traveling. Do not drive or walk through flooded areas. Macomb, Detroit have been updated to a Severe Thunderstorm Watch. Troy campus and the Flint location remain under severe weather warning.

Alert issued at 08/24/2023 09:39:55 PM EDT.

National Weather Service reports wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour. Tornado sirens are being activated. The severe weather is causing roadways to flood. Please remember to not drive or walk through flooded roadways and take an alternate route when possible.

Alert issued at 08/24/2023 09:07:35 PM EDT.

EMERGENCY! SEVERE WEATHER WARNING has been issued by the National Weather Service for all campus locations of Michigan State University. If in the area, shelter in place away from windows and wait for an all clear to be provided. During severe storms, there may be power outages, downed trees, flooding, damaging winds, large hail, and possibly tornados. Updates to follow.

Alert issued at 08/16/2023 07:46:50 PM EDT.

MSU Timely Warning: Attempted Motor Vehicle Theft
Timely Warning for attempted Motor Vehicle Thefts that occurred on the East Lansing campus reported by Michigan State University Police Date Reported: 8/11 and 8/16
Date Occurred: 8/11 and 8/16
Location: Multiple locations on the East Lansing Campus
Suspect Information: Unknown
Vehicle Information: 2011-2021 Hyundai and Kia vehicles that have not yet received the software update. Synopsis: In the last 5 days a pattern has developed in regards to thefts of motor vehicles. There have been 3 attempted thefts of a motor vehicle at Ramp 1/Shaw Lane, Shaw Hall Parking Loop, and Lot 5/Delta Court. This bulletin serves as a warning and a community reminder to make sure all motor vehicles are secured and in designated parking areas when left unattended. Suspects appear to be targeting 2011-2021 Kia and Hyundai vehicles. If you own one of these vehicles please go to for additional information on theft prevention. As always, if you see something that does not seem quite right – say something. MSU Police and Public Safety can be contacted anytime at 517-355-2221. In the case of an emergency, call or text 911.

Alert issued at 03/22/2023 12:57:56 PM EDT.

Person seen with a Weapon
This is an MSU ALERT from the Michigan State University Police regarding an incident on the East Lansing campus. The Michigan State University Police is reporting a person was seen with a knife at or near West Circle Drive. If nearby, secure-in-place. If you are near that location, call Michigan State University Police to report any unusual or suspicious activity. Monitor local media for more information. Subject is described by witnesses as a tall light skinned native American male, in his 30’s, wearing a grayish colored hoodie, with a black mask, black pants and beige coat. Last seen in the area of Grand River and Ramp 6. Sent at 12:57:19 on 03-22-2023.